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3 SVN Solovelanet Global I n the two and a half months that have elapsed between the first issue of SVN Global Sailing Network and this one that you are reading, the world has totally changed. Coronavirus has spread everywhere, and with the complicity of those rulers who refused or were unable to understand the seriousness of the situation, it is causing thousands of deaths worldwide and many more yet to come.We at SVN Global Sailing Network are in full solidarity with all those who are fighting this terrible epidemic, and want to make our contribution to what appears to be more and more like a planetary war. Our contribution consists in offering you a moment of leisure, something to distract your thoughts from the pressing problems we are experiencing in these days. To help our imagination to fly and get lost in the immensity of the ocean, what could be possibly better than talking about sailing to yachtsmen? So, in this issue you will find particularly interesting readings such as Foils, a unique article that deals with the foils of the new AC75 of the America's Cup with a level of insight that no one else has reached yet, an article that will excite you and make even the most experienced of you say "I didn't know that".Another nice reading is the article about sailing in rough seas and strong winds, whose author has experienced a lot of storms in his life. Moreover, there are many other articles that we think will meet your interest. Those articles have been studied in depth and checked thoroughly in order to avoid inaccuracies, written by specialists in their specific fields: from the fluid dynamics engineer who wrote about foils to the sailing master, instruc - tor of the Clipper Race who wrote the article on how to sail in a heavy sea. Hoping that our work will please you, I wish you a nice reading. EDITORIAL Everything has changed In a world that has changed completely in three months, let's use sailing to distract ourselves a little bit from the many problems of these days Maurizio Anzillotti Maurizio Anzillotti

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