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73 SVN Solovelanet Global was white, a colour that resembles very much that of a ceta-cean's belly.Orcas often attack other cetace- ans, also to show their cubs how to behave against a potentially competitor species.Sailboats are not at- tacked if the orcas' sonars deem their hulls not easy to damage (aluminium, fibreglass), but wood gave orcas a "softer" signal. They probably real-ized that it was not a marine mammal, but the return of the signal in the case of wood may also de-ceive them, the biologist explained. And they may also strike non-aggressively, just to show their cub how to do it. But it was we who joined their pack, on their route. We discovered later that we accidentally ended up on the route of a migration. And in that area there were no merchant ship routes. SVN - Did you manage to call for rescue before abandoning the ship? G.d.M.- The first thing we tried to do before aban- doning the boat was to communicate via radio, but the de-vice was already wet, so we were unable to launch any emergency calls. That day, however, we had to communicate our position to the regatta co - ordinators, and when we failed to do so, those asho- re were alarmed. Above: someone decided to go for a swim while an killer whale is nearby with her young: bad idea. Beside: one of the rudders torn off during an attack by killer whales off Spain in the Atlantic

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