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SVN solovelanet: rivista digitale dedicata al mondo della vela. Articoli di navigazione, di nautica e barche a vela

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74 SVN Solovelanet Global SVN - How was the situation on the raft? G.d.M.- On the raft the first thing we thought about was how to pick up the signal with a portable radio, but without success. Our navigator had fixed a po- sition a few hours earlier, and with the help of a map we identified our approximate location.On board we settled down so as to have as little moisture as possible, putting the oilskins down for a little more comfort. Jerome, the skipper, thought of launch-ing a flare first and then one of those signals that go into the water and colour an area around the raft. We had two watertight containers with flares and food to manage. SVN - How many hours had passed and what hap- pened next? G.d.M.- It was around 10 in the morning at the time of the accident, the boat was abandoned shortly af- ter and we stayed on the raft until 4 in the morning the next day. The day was distressing, except for our skipper who, with an unexpected attitude that Below, an killer whale swims with her cub. All mammals can become aggressive in this situation (and if the mammal is a killer wha- le…). Below: rescue fires on a self-inflating raft. Below: a pod of killer whales with cubs

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