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SVN solovelanet: rivista digitale dedicata al mondo della vela. Articoli di navigazione, di nautica e barche a vela

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75 SVN Solovelanet Global however suited him well, got into his sleeping bag to sleep, perhaps to prepare his energy and rearran- ge his ideas. We took turns standing near the open part of the raft to watch over for passing ships or whatever. Sud- denly we decided to raise our floating anchors, to get closer to the ships' course more south of our position, even if the raft at that point became very unstable. During the night, while I was trying to doze off, tired and cold, Francesco Longanesi, our naviga - tor, who was on guard, came towards me to ask for a cigarette. He had never smoked in his life and I knew something was going on. In fact, it seemed to him that he had seen a light. The news obviously made me nervous, so I looked out and saw the same thing. It almost looked like a star. Our excitement woke the others. Under the light, the red and green of a ship's navigation lights suddenly appeared. Jerome made us launch the flare only when the ship was about 300 metres away from us. We could not waste flares and risk not being seen. Above: an killer whale attacking the stern of a small boat

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