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108 SVN Solovelanet Global T he pandemic has hit hard, causing a several week lockdown all over the world and proba- bly unleashing one of the worst economic reces- sions since 1929. Tourism will be one of the hardest hit industri- es. Travelling appears dangerous, the tube of an airplane is certainly not great for avoiding a virus and the lobby of a hotel or restaurant does not seem to be the ideal place to keep social distan- cing, but among all the activities that can be done for tourism, there is certainly one that guarantees the highest safety standards, and that is sailing. By renting a sailboat, as long as she has been sanitized by the managing charter company, a family can have as perfectly safe a vacation as if they stood at home, and this is likely to mitigate damage for the charter industry. However, the problem of sanitizing boats, that is, performing a treatment to eliminate all types of viruses, does not seem to be very common. In a short and limited investigation, we at SVN Solo - velanet found some charter companies that sani- tize their boats in Italy, where there is the largest number, in Spain where the problem seems felt, and a small company in France. No company in Greece or in the US responded by specifying the protocol used for sanitizing their boats. Hence the advice to always check if boats are saniti- zed before renting or boarding them. The best idea is to demand the contract to mention that the boat shall undergo a sanitization treatment before delivery. The virus persists on surfaces for many hours, and boats change crews within 4-5 hours, too short a time to have the virus vanish from the furniture and beds. For this reason, boats must be sanitized with efficient and total systems. On the other hand, linen is not a cause of problems. Sheets and towels are washed several days before being brought on board, so any possible trace of the virus has decayed with time and expo - sure to air. In barca senza Coronavirus

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