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25 SVN Solovelanet Global Their answers were too vague: there was talk of a generic hygienic treatment, but when we asked them to get into specifics, they told us that we would be contacted by a sanitation specialist. To date, we have heard from no one yet. We at Solovelanet do not like those who try to buy time without providing the information that we seek, especially when the health of our readers is under di - scussion. So we contacted Paolo Serio, the commu- nication manager of Dream Yacht Charter, informing him that we intended to collect material for an article about the problem of sanitizing boats, and that we would have liked someone to listen to our questions. Nobody has even bothered to answer. The company has chosen to keep silent. Such silence sounds suspicious and leads us to suppose that perhaps the biggest charter company in the world has not yet taken the disinfection of their boats seriously or worse, is not concerned at all about this issue. Sanitization of charter boats is a crucial matter

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