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26 SVN Solovelanet Global Boats news News Growing basil or salad plants on board is certainly not a top need for a yachtsman, but it may be interesting, espe- cially if you can do it without working hard or soiling your hands. The Ecoltivo bowls were created to allow anyone to grow their own vegetables, without needing any special skills. All through hydroponics, that is, without using any topsoil. Ecoltivo, that at first created this product for small city balco - nies, is now targeting boats. The company supplies a plastic bowl containing a mixture with the seeds of the desired product so that, once on board, you just have to add water. Richard Galassi, the owner of Ecoltivo, explains that it is an aseptic growing method allowing us, for example, to eat basil or salad without having to wash them. Production is fast if you are taking a long sailing trip, and perhaps a little too slow if you are having your two-week summer cruise: the first shoots emerge after three days since water was added, and after fifteen days the salad is ready to be harvested. After the first harvest, the bowl must not be thrown away because it is designed to provide a number of additional crops, depending on the chosen vegetable. Ecoltivo Let's grow vegetables on board P ostponing the Olympic Games is a very challen- ging matter that requires withstanding a lot of pressure from many quarters, and that's the likely re- ason for the change of mind of the IOC, the Olympic committee that only two days ago had announced that they would decide about cancelling or postpo- ning the Olympic Games within four weeks in order to wait and see how everything played out, whereas yester- day they announced that the games have been postponed to next year. The event will keep the name Tokyo 2020, the Olympic flame will stay lit, apparently all purchased tickets will still be valid, but the games are going to take place in the summer of 2021: this is what the Olympic committee ultimately decided in agreement with the Japanese government. It was really hard to imagine how the games could possibly take place in August, considering that many countries have been entering the pandemic in these recent days, while in those where the disease is most spread, athletes cannot train. This postponement will certainly cause problems. Athletes have gone above and beyond to get to the Olympics, some of them have given up studying, and now they are going to face an even harder year because the present lack of training will require an increase in effort in the future. In a year many things can change. Olympic Games postponed by one year to 2021 News News

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