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28 SVN Solovelanet Global Yacht Chartering: Sailing Certifications, Licenses, and Resumes: What's the difference? Sailing Certifications Nauticed N avigating sailing certifications, sailing licenses, and sailing resumes can be tricky and can have possible disappoin- ting results if you make the wrong as- sumptions or get bad information. This is especially the case if you are chartering a yacht on a sailing vacation. First, let's set the logic train going. The best way to look at it is this; If some random stranger showed up and wanted to take your pride and beauty sailboat out for a week or even an afternoon for that matter, what would make you comfortable with letting that stranger release docklines and head off? You'd want to know that they were very experienced – right? Thus the sailing resume. Sailing Resume A sailing resume is documentation of everything sai- ling wise that a person has done: How much time has the person spent on boats, how much time as skipper, what size boats, how long ago was the ex- perience, what type of boats, what sea conditions, any long distance trips, any multiday or weeklong trips, any formal training, any licenses, and any cer- tifications? The certificate issued by NauticEd

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