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70 SVN Solovelanet Global The crew was rescued and this incredible story then became a book written by one of the crew members, Giorgio Di Mola, now 77 years old, entitled "SOS Il Guia affonda" (SOS Guia is sinking), which was publi - shed in 1978, two years after the accident in the At- lantic. We talked to Mr Di Mola to retrace that drama- tic day and the next night when the crew, with very little chance of being rescued, was spotted by a ship. SVN - What are your recollections of that day? G.d.M.- I boarded Guia in Rio de Janeiro for the leg to Portsmouth. Our crew was made of six people. That day, it was in March, we were sailing just abo- ve the equator, under the Cape Verde islands. It was around 10 in the morning, and we had scheduled 4-hour shifts as is customary in very long regat-tas. We were sailing upwind with a 25-knot trade wind, and were proceeding very fast because not too clo - se-hauled, with nice rough ocean waves.Guia sailed very well in those conditions, because she passed smoothly over waves instead of hitting them. At a certain moment our sailor, who was on deck, turned aft and started screaming like a madman. But he had done many races with Falk before, and he had seen orcas, he knew them even if in a ba - sic way, and he started screaming because he was Above, a killer whale wanders under the hull of a boat. On the side, Giorgio La Mola in 1976. Below the Guia III in naviga- tion

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